"Nobody dies well... I'm tired of saying otherwise."


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"What’s the hardest part about treating a turian who took a rocket to one side of his face?"
"Figuring out which side took the hit"

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"Al and I will have our bodies back and we’ll make you cry out of sheer happiness."

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Drink deep, and death will recoil from you.

Art by Daarken

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The Targaryens are the blood of the dragon, descended from the high lords of the ancient Freehold of Valyria, their heritage proclaimed in a striking (some say inhuman) beauty, with lilac or indigo or violet eyes and hair of silver-gold or platinum white.

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. x

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#this looks like a weird techno music video

#you win or you die by lmfao

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may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead

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specialcola asked: Thief or Dishonored

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This is sparkle poi! Poi was created in New Zealand by the Maori people. It is the rhythmic spinning of weights on string. Modern versions include glow poi and sparkle poi. Glow poi uses LEDs or glowsticks to create colorful patterns, and sparkle poi uses lit steel wool. As the steel wool burns, parts fly off causing the effect seen above. I would guess a blue filter has been added, as it normally looks like this

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